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robo-consult is brought to you by Footdown. Our vision is clear: to disrupt the consultancy industry with world-class solutions that provide leaders with access to accurate, intelligent information, faster and more cost effectively than available elsewhere today.

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Our Approach

We recognise that the Digital Era brings with it an incredible amount of data – this can be both powerful and overwhelming. We also know that harnessing such data is usually time-consuming and doesn’t lead to insight that gives clients ‘stop the clock’ moments about their organisation.

We’re different.

We have focused robo-consult on bringing to life Organisational Sensemaking. Sensemaking is a constant process that humans are doing to process information and take decisions. When we’re overwhelmed, or the data is too complex, our intuition kicks in and our decisions are often premature, taken in a hurry or in the absence of complete-enough information.

Built into robo-consult is academic thinking from across the different aspects of Organisational Health. We do the heavy lifting of the analysis so that leaders can move forward and take decisions armed with real insight as to how their organisation is functioning.

As organisations look at how they can digitise, we’re here ready to help them get there immediately when wanting to understand Organisational Health.

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