The first robo adviser for rapid organisational health analysis, insight & action planning

robo-consult offers an accurate and simple view of the inner workings of complex organisations. It is far more cost effective and non-disruptive than other surveys and traditional consultancy methods available today.

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Leaders increasingly understand that improving organisational health pays, but when they try to deliver this in the digital era, they are often overwhelmed by the data bombarding them. In this environment, they take action based on incomplete or unclear information.

Until now, uncovering accurate, relevant insight about organisational health has been a repetitive, time-consuming and expensive process. Results often fall short of expectations as the human capacity to process the interplay between different factors within organisational health is limited.

Enter robo advice. No longer the exclusive domain of the pensions or financial sector, advances in automation have enabled us to harness Organisational Sensemaking - a recognised process by which people reduce ambiguity, make decisions and take action - in software.

Developed in conjunction with the University of Bath, robo-consult’s automated approach to Organisational Sensemaking converts more complex organisational activity than individuals can process into simple, neutral, visual and actionable understanding of how an organisation can improve its health and performance.

Far more than just another survey tool – robo-consult’s advice is a must-have component of any digital strategy.

This is a game-changing piece of software that enables us to think differently about how we improve performance in the business. The speed, accuracy and focus of it is exactly what we need right now.